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      geocities service is no longer available - yahoo! geocities

      we are sorry, but the geocities service is no longer available.

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      A collection of articles and resources on Islam and Sufism within Muslim traditions. Includes biographies, a glossary, stories, and FAQ

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      the sufism journal online:::sufism: an inquiry

      community for reserach in sufism and spirituality

    • 4
      Marifah.net - Knowledge and Realisation

      Marifah.net - Knowledge and Realisation

    • 5
      University Of Georgia

      The University of Georgia, a land-grant and sea-grant university with state-wide commitments and responsibilities, is Georgia's flagship institution of higher education. It is also the state's oldest, most comprehensive and most diversified institution of higher education.

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      Understanding Islamic Religion

      This site is dedicated to help people understand the religion in general and islamic religion in particular.

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      not found

      Offers articles and e-books presenting Islam from a Brailvi perspective. Also includes audio resources, a forum, and prayer time calculator.

    • 8
      SuhaibWebb.com — Your Virtual Mosque

      Your Virtual Mosque

    • 9
      Al Tafsir.com - Tafseer Holy Quran from all Tafseer Schools, Quran Translations, Quran Recitations, Quran Interpretation (Tafseer), Quran Sciences, and Love In Quran

      Al Tafsir.com - Tafseer Holy Quran from all Tafseer Schools, Quran Translations, Quran Recitations, Quran Interpretation (Tafseer), Quran Syntax, Quran Asbab Nuzool, Quran Meanings, Quran Sciences, and Love In Quran.

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      new islamic directions - imam zaid shakir

      new islamic directions is dedicated to making lectures, writings, and other material produced by zaid shakir available to a wide audience.

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      qibla - for the islamic sciences | learn, change, inspire

      Offers online study of traditional Islamic knowledge; includes details of courses and registration.

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      yamustafa.com: the leading ya mustafa site on the net

      Massive Collection of Free Online Nasheeds, Download mp3 Nasheeds or Listen Online

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      QiblaLocator makes finding the Qibla (direction to Mecca) as easy as looking up a map. You can also embed the map in your site.

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      sheikhy notes


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      love on the endless horizon

      Love on the Endless Horizon

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      IslamicFinder: Accurate Prayer Times, Athan (Azan), Mosques (Masjids), Islamic Center, Muslim Owned Businesses, Hijri Calendar, Islamic Directory worldwide.

      prayer times, athan (azan, adhan, salah, salat) & qiblah, qibla direction for more than 6 million cities and towns in the whole world. also find out mosques (masjids), islamic centers, muslim owned businesses and organizations all over the world. islamic directory, hijri calendar, islamic photo gallery, 1435 ramadan 2014 prayer times and athan (azan) software.

    • 19

      Zaytuna College aims to train future generations of religious leaders, and give birth to a new age of professionals, scholars, and visionaries who are grounded in the Islamic scholarly tradition and conversant with the social, cultural, and intellectual currents shaping modern societies.

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      Home - Understand Quran Academy

      quran courses for busy people. flexible. online. anytime. anywhere. mobile.

    • 21
      Mas'ud Ahmed Khan's Home Page

      One of the web's leading resources on traditional Islam, with articles ranging from Islamic Law, Tenets of Faith, Spirituality (Sufism), social issues, September 11th and other relevant issues. This site specialises in anti-Wahhabi/fundamentalist articles.

    • 22
      school of sufi teaching, london | naqshbandi, mujaddidi, chishti, qadiri and shadhili practices

      A Sufi group based in the UK, whose Shaykh resides in India. Offers Naqshbandi, Mujaddedi, Chishti, Qadiri and Shadhili teachings.

    • 23
      welcome to greensville trust

    • 24

      Online magazine featuring news, events, gallery, and travel.

    • 25
      school of sufi teaching | sufism of the naqshbandi-mujaddidi, chishti, shadhili and qadiri orders

      Information about a School of Sufi Teaching, offering tuition in five Sufi Orders. Includes background reading and details of programs.

    • 26
      Ahadees.com : Urdu World of Islam

      Ahadees means Sayings of Holy Prophet Hazarat Muhammad S.A.W. This Site contain Translation of Quran in English , Urdu and Arabic Text. Collection of Ahadees in Urdu placed in different categories like Namaz,Ruza,Zakat,Hajj,Huquq,Fazilat etc.Collection of Durood, Duain, Naats, Kalmay and much much More

    • 27
      Welcome to Algillani.com

      Information about the Qadiriyah order, Sayed Abdul Qadir al Gillani, Sayed Tahir Allauddin, and Sufism in general. Includes details of their centre in Lahore, Pakistan

    • 28
      Sacred Learning

      sacred learning traditional islamic learning home page

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      403 forbidden


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      islamicity.com - islam & the global muslim ecommunity

      a great information site about islam and muslims in text,audio and video. also, a good reference for non-muslims who are searching about islam, muslims, prophet muhammed(pbuh), other prophets (e.g. jesus, mousa) and religions (christianity, judaism, buddism)

    • 31

      Info about moonsighting, islamic calendar, prayer times, and Qibla direction along with info about when and where on earth moonsighting is possible

    • 32

      aisha bewley's islamic home page

    • 33
      Welcomes to Aulia-e-hind.com - Mystics of India, dargahs of india, walis of india, indian sufis, sufirs of world, aulia allah, walis of allah, auliaehind, aulia e hind, Abdul Qadir Gilani, Gaus pak, khwaja garib nawaz, sabir pak kaliyari, waris pak, dargahs of india, sunni dargah, dargah of the world

      aulia-e-hind.com, An Effort to Share the blessings of the Great Indian Sufi Saints

    • 34
      islam, sufism, chishti qadhiri sufi order

      Islam, Sufism and the Sufi order of Chishti Qadhiri

    • 35
      hadrat shaikh abu anees muhammad barkat 'ali

      islamic organization inviting others to the truth of islam through the world

    • 36
      Tidjaniya (Tijaniya, Tijaniyya, Tijania, Tidjania), Tasawuf, Islam - للطريقة التجانية

      Tariqa Tidjaniya (Tijaniya, Tijaniyya, Tijania, Tidjania) - Soufisme (Tasawuf), Islam, Spiritualité - Islam, Sufism, Spirituality - الموقع الرسمي للطريقة التجانية

    • 37
      home is where the heart is - almiraj sufi & islamic study centre, inc.

      the aim of almiraj sufi and islamic study centre is to provide an environment where true seekers of knowledge can come and be filled with the pure, spiritual food of islam.

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      hospedagem de sites com domínio grátis! - uol host

      uol host é altamente qualificado em serviços de hospedagem de sites, registro de domínio, loja virtual, cloud computing, e-mail profissional, entre outros. acesse já!

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      hírek - dtk computer webáruház

      dtk webáruház

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      home - zikr

      zikr: a complete guide to the remembrance of allah (swt). learn to perform qalbi zikr & be at complete peace and tranquility.

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  • En son haber sitesinde, güncel haberler , son dakika haberleri, günün öne çıkan haberleri ve gelişmelerini okuyup bu haberlere kendi yorumlarınızı, haberler hakkındaki görüşlerinizi ekleyebilirsiniz.
  • "طريق الإسلام" هو مشروع إسلامي يأمل في المساهمة بقوة في الإعلام الإسلامي، ومجاراة التقدم التكنولوجي الهائل في العالم من حولنا
  • prayer times, athan (azan, adhan, salah, salat) & qiblah, qibla direction for more than 6 million cities and towns in the whole world. also find out mosques (masjids), islamic centers, muslim owned businesses and organizations all over the world. islamic directory, hijri calendar, islamic photo gallery, 1435 ramadan 2014 prayer times and athan (azan) software.
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  • TheSufi.com: Sufi Music, Sufi Books & Sufi Art. Download free Sufiana and Arfanaa Kalam including Samaa (Whirling Sufi Ensemble), Qawwalis, Kaafi, Hamd & Naat from World’s largest collection online. Sufi eBooks, Islamic Art, Poems, Pilgrimages, Events, Wallpapers, Apps and more.
  • scythe.co.jp
  • tasawwuf is the traditional islamic science of self-improvement and spirituality (sufism), focussing on one's relationship with allah. listen and download online islamic lectures and talks, in both english and urdu, and read articles and books about islam, tasawwuf, dhikr (zikr), self-reflection, emulation of the prophet, and submission to the shariah. as a model, many of the writing and teachings of shaykh zulfiqar ahmad and tariqah naqshbandi mujaddidi, are available online.
  • Sufi poetry of longing, surrender and joy.
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  • The World's Largest Online Football Store for Football Boots, Football Shirts & Kits, Football Equipment, Goalkeeper Gloves, Base Layer & more. Next Day Delivery.
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